Known for the fun and creative element he brings to every project, Shawn Hancock has been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator since before the turn of the century.

Specializing in a whimsical cartoon style that is both expressive and conveys deep emotion, Shawn has a wide range of artistic experiences and talents that he brings to his work. His experience as a writer and actor, especially his training as a mime, has given him a greater understanding for storytelling and is particularly beneficial in illustrating human expression.

Shawn and his kick-ass wife Missy, have spent the past several decades devoted to encouraging others in their creativity and art. While doing their part in ushering in a creative revolution, they have also nurtured the creativity of their six kids who are all pursuing artistic and creative lifestyles. They have an online art biz and run Hancock Creative Shop, a small gallery in Guthrie, OK.

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